A Bad Wire Can Cause a Fire

Contact us for residential electrical services in Sauquoit & Paris, NY

Electrical upgrades, enhancements and changes shouldn’t be taken lightly. The wrong connection can quickly become a fire hazard. You need a professional electrician to handle your home’s power needs. CARBURN Contracting LLC offers residential electrical services in the Sauquoit, NY area.

Keeping your home and family safe by preventing an electrical fire is our priority. You can also talk to us about childproof outlets to ensure your peace of mind. We’ll install the outlets, panels and switches you need.

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Upgrade your old switches and receptacles

Talk to us about enhancing areas of your home with interior or exterior lighting additions, such as specialty or landscape lighting. You can also have lighting added with wireless controls for increased security. Our professional staff is ready to tackle all your needs, including:

  • Installing new receptacles
  • Replacing bad wiring
  • Updating old switches

You can have some of your outlets upgraded to contain USB ports. Contact CARBURN Contracting today for all your residential electrical needs in Sauquoit, NY.